Combining the ancient wisdom of the East with modern insights from the West, Unbroken Self is part of a new renaissance — a renaissance in thought, understanding and human liberation.

Its message is simple:

You were born to be free.

Just as birds are born to fly free, so too are you.

Fly free. Image: Stocksnap

In spite of the seeming diversity of human personality, life and culture, we’re all pretty much the same.

We’re all seeking happiness, peace of mind and purpose. We do this in a varierty of ways, but what we all want is to be free of suffering, to feel good about ourselves, to meaningfully connect with others and to have a life that reflects who we truly are.

It’s no secret we’re living in turbulent, stressful times.

Just five minutes watching the news is enough to see just how wrong we, as a species, are getting it — politically, ecologically, socially, and that’s just on the societal level.

On an individual level, we’re struggling to deal with so many pressures and demands, as well as an acute information overload. Basic survival can be a struggle, and human relationships are suffering greatly. It’s no wonder people are feeling stressed, burned out and disconnected. For many, stress has become the new norm.

That’s to say nothing of the core human stress. Almost everyone is waging a perpetual war in their mind. It’s a conceptual, thought-based conflict. It stems from the notion that we’re a limited and inadequate person — someone who will never live up to our own, or society’s ideal of ‘perfection’. This causes immense suffering and pain.

But, here’s the thing —

We weren’t born to suffer.

We were born to be happy and free and to enjoy life. That’s both our birthright and our natural state.

We all intuitively know this, which is why unhappiness and limitation are so inherently unacceptable to us.

We want to be free. And freedom is always within our reach — because freedom is our essential nature.

I know it might not seem like that. The problem of human suffering is very real, and its effects can be seen as plain as day across the globe.

There are solutions, however.

That’s what Unbroken Self is about.

My name is Rory.

I created this site was a way of sharing all that I’ve learned on my own journey through life.

Since I was a kid I had to deal with a lot of health challenges, both life-threatening and chronic. Forced to spend a lot of time on my own, I often feel like an outsider. I was highly sensitive, creative, and a bit of an introvert by nature. I was a thinker, too.

Thinking can be dangerous, but it can also be liberating.

I grew up with a tendency to question things. I always knew there was more to life than we can see and feel with our senses — and more to us. I just didn’t know what. I wanted to understand life. I wanted to know why we existed, where we were from and where we were going.

This desire for knowledge became an unwitting yet driving theme in my life.  Any time I tried to make my life about anything else — anytime I tried to steer it in any other direction — it failed, miserably. Things inevitably got fucked up, and I got fucked up, least of all my body.

About a decade ago I hit rock bottom. Dealing with a chronic health problem that left me with next to no energy, I often found it hard to even get out of bed. My confidence and self-esteem plummeted as everything I had in the outer world began slipping away, including my relationship, job, social life and all the hopes and dreams I had for myself and my life.

I learned from the adversity, however.

As the Tao Te Ching says:

If you want to become whole, you must let yourself be broken.

As most people will attest, life can be pretty darn good at breaking us. The question is, how do we face the challenges that inevitably come our way? Do we let the suffering break us or make us?

I was in a bad place and I needed answers.

Struggling to build myself up physically, emotionally and mentally, my lifelong interest in Eastern spirituality became a consuming passion. It was all I really had left, and it seemed to promise the answers I sought.  The notion of ‘enlightenment’, a state of consciousness that seemingly offered an end to suffering and pain, was irresistible to me.

But, how? How did one go about attaining enlightenment?

Reflect. Image: Stocksnap

I was diligent. I tried everything.

I meditated my ass off. I lit candles, burned incense, read countless books, learned about chakras and crystals, did qigong and yoga and generally indulged my inner hippie.

I tried many things, testing what worked and what didn’t, and figuring out what made sense and what didn’t. My search led me from New Agey stuff to more ancient, time-tested teachings such as Taoism, Buddhism and Zen. I read Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, found things like the Work of Byron Katie and the Sedona Method which were amazing at helping take back control of the mind. Eventually, through the teachings of Indian sages such as Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi, I discovered Advaita Vedanta.

It was Vedanta that finally ended my search for answers. I was blessed to find an amazing American teacher called James Swartz. The moment I met James, and saw the light shining in his eyes, I knew I was in the presence of a truly free being. I realised that if this didn’t work, nothing would. If I didn’t get it now, I might as well give up forever.

Vedanta directly addresses the problem of human suffering. Enlightenment, I learned, was not some mystical experience. It was simply understanding the real nature of the self and reality.

The bad news? We are the problem. The good news? We are the solution.

I learned that freedom and happiness are not things we need to somehow strive to add to ourselves. They are intrinsic to our very nature.

The source of our suffering is a case of mistaken identity. We think we’re one thing (a self-concept) when actually we’re something else altogether (the underlying awareness in which all concepts, and all things, are known). In Vedanta this is called superimposition; a result of avidya, or ignorance.

Outside of physical pain and immediate threats to our survival, our suffering is unwittingly self-created. It’s in the mind. Victim to our own self-limiting thoughts, interpretations, and conditioning, we’re imprisoned in a cage made entirely of thought.

How do we get out of this cage?

Well, we thought our way into it, so we have to un-think our way out of it. Ignorance of who we are caused the problem, so only knowledge can solve it.

We must learn to question the thoughts, beliefs and mindsets that make up the bars of this cage.

This takes a degree of courage, effort, discipline, and open-mindedness.

The result, however, is freedom. Freedom is the ability to step out of this thought-based prison, to tame our mind and see ourselves as we actually are.

That freedom is available to all of us, now.

Happiness is hackable.

Why this website exists

I am  a writer, and this website is a way for me to share what I’ve learned and what has transformed my life. It was through the greatest of challenges that I was given the greatest of gifts, and I believe that gifts should be shared.

The content of this site is written with love and the greatest of integrity. I will only ever share that which I demonstrably know to be true. My background as a Social Scientist gives me a unique way of interpreting and presenting complex ideas in a simple and easy to understand manner.

I know this works.

It’s worked for me and countless others.

I invite you to try it for yourself. By healing ourselves and coming into alignment with what we truly are, we’re actually helping transform the world around us.

My intent is simple:

  • to inspire you
  • to challenge your self-limiting notions,
  • give you the tools you need to set your mind free
  • and offer a glimpse of your light; your true beauty and potential.

Thanks for being here! Be sure to sign up to the mailing list below for updates and exclusive bonus content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep Shining.