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Unbroken Self combines ancient Eastern wisdom with modern psychological hacks for understanding consciousness, mastering the mind, and finding peace and freedom in life.

Its message is simple:

You weren’t born to suffer.

You were born to stretch our wings and fly free.

Suffering comes from being out of alignment with our own nature. Through ignorance and psychological conditioning, we grow up to become ‘disconnected’ from our Essential Self.

We forget who we are.

We develop a notion of ourselves as a limited, inadequate and dissatisfied person.

Most people go to great lengths to hide it, to keep the world from seeing this less than stellar self-image we have, but the phenomenon is universal. The disparity between who we are and who we think (or fear) we are, creates an inner civil war, and this war drives much of human behaviour.

Ever wondered why the world is such a mess? Look no further.

The problem is on the level of identity and misapprehension of who we actually are. But we don’t know this.

So what do we do?

We spend our lives attempting to eradicate this inner discontent by chasing after things, people and experiences in the outer world. We try to make ourselves look good in the eyes of the world, so we can feel at peace with ourselves. We think that if we can get the outer world to match up to our inner blueprint of how it ‘should’ be (and this inner blueprint is largely conditioned into us by the society in which we live), we’ll at long last be happy and free.

We try to make ourselves look good in the eyes of the world, so we can feel at peace with ourselves. We think that if we can get the outer world to match up to our inner blueprint of how it ‘should’ be (and this inner blueprint is largely conditioned into us by the society in which we live), we’ll at long last be happy and free.

We think that if we can get the outer world to match up to our inner blueprint of how it ‘should’ be (and this inner blueprint is largely conditioned into us by the society in which we live), we’ll at long last be happy and free.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking happiness, and there’s nothing wrong with doing things in the world to improve our lives. In fact, we have little choice in the matter. Action is essential to human life, and we’re going to be performing various actions until the day that we die.

The problem comes from pinning our happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment on the results of these actions.

The moment I think I need something else in order to be happy I’ve stepped into hell.


Because whatever I attain will eventually be lost, or will change. The very nature of life is constant flux. Nothing is the same from moment to moment, and the very thing that brings me satisfaction today is just as likely to bring me misery tomorrow. It’s a sad story, but the romance always turns sour eventually.

It can take us a long time to catch onto this, however.

Failing to realise that life is essentially a zero sum game, we become locked in what in the East is called samsara: a  cycle of desire, attachment, aversion and perpetual dissatisfaction.

Samsara is a source of endless frustration and pain because, in spite of all our frantic efforts, we’re spinning on a kind of existential hamster wheel.

No matter how hard we try or how fast we run, we never quite get where we want to go.

And even when we do attain victories, we’re rarely happy for long, because the source of our problem is actually our own limited sense of self.

It took me many years to learn this, but there is a way out of this existential pickle.

Samsara is a mindset, and it can be changed.

Suffering is not who we are, and it’s not why we’re here.

I believe that we’re here to be free and happy, to shine as our true Self, and to live with purpose, passion, ease and joy.

Deep down, I think most people know this.

We strive for freedom in all that we do.

Yet, we live in a culture that, while providing more materially and technologically than previous generations could ever have dreamed of, is actually in many ways chaining our very souls.

What if everything we’ve been told is wrong?

It can be very hard to get free when the very society in which we live has us caged from birth.

The capitalist/consumer machine at the heart of modern society is not only destructive to the planet but corrosive to the human soul.

From a young age, it instils within us a sense of lack and limitation; a sense that we have be and do certain things in order to justify our existence and prove our worth as a human being. And even if we play the game, we eventually learn that it’s full of false promises.

We’re the victim of warfare against the human spirit.

This warfare rooted in Ignorance.

We buy into it because we ourselves are ignorant — ignorant of our true nature.

We already feel an innate sense of lack and inadequacy. This is because we measure our sense of self against the imagined ideal that society programs into us. No matter what we do, we always come up short because this ideal, this ‘perfect self’ we all want to be, is never quite attainable.

This is manipulation of our deepest sense of inadequacy is not new. It’s been going on throughout recorded history. The Abrahamic religions are masters of this form of psychological abuse. They condition us to believe that we’re somehow deficient; that we’re miserable, lacking and worthless and that in order to make ourselves whole, and in order to be ‘good’, we have to sign up to their particular program.

Politicians, clergymen, and salesmen of all ages know the best way to control people is to make them feel they lack something and then offer to give it to them, at a price.

We’ve been victim to this time and time again, and it cannot continue any longer. The system is running a fatal virus. The current trajectory of the human race, driven by greed, conflict, and psychological warfare, is leading us to the verge of extinction.

We’re not going to survive unless we change the way we live, and the way we see ourselves, others and life, on both an individual and collective level.

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I believe this change will be as radical a shift in human understanding as Copernicus teaching that the Earth is round, or Newton discovering the law of gravity.

Neither was actually anything new.

The Earth was always round and gravity was always there. But the advent of this knowledge dispelled our ignorance and changed the way we viewed ourselves and the world forevermore.

We live in an age where we’ve amassed an enormous amount of information about the world and universe around us. But in spite of all the amazing things we know and have invented over the past hundred years, is the average human being really much happier?

We may have iPads, Netflix and caramel lattes, but are we any more free? Or do we still experience the same psychological and emotional suffering that’s been plaguing human beings since time immemorial?

True liberation comes not from the knowledge of the outer world, but knowledge of the inner world (which is actually where we experience the ‘outer’ world in the first place).

If knowledge is power, Self-knowledge is liberation.

The solution to our sense of limitation, stress, and anxiety, isn’t to be found in acquiring more ‘things’, or in better smartphones or faster broadband. It can’t be found by vainly trying to rearrange the circumstances of our lives, such as relationships, possessions, career and money.

There’s nothing we can actually do to fix ourselves. And that’s because we were never broken in the first place.

We only thought we were.

Time to change the record?

There inevitably comes a point when we realise that what we’ve been doing, and the way we’ve been living is not bringing us the results we truly desire.

We do our best to measure up to what society tells us we could and should be, only to realise that these very ‘rules’ are the chains that bind us.

Just because we’ve been doing things a certain way, and just because everyone around us is doing likewise, doesn’t mean it’s the only way–and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the best way.

The solution to human suffering is out there, and it’s available for those who are ready for it — for those who are sick of their own suffering and are ready to step up, take control of their mind, de-bug the software and get on with living life as it is meant to be lived — free of unnecessary pain, fear and neurosis.

After a lifetime of suffering I’d had enough. Even though I have a degree in social science and had studied psychology, sociology and many other disciplines, I never managed to find the solution to existential suffering anywhere mainstream. It was as though no such solution existed.

But I knew in my heart it did, and I was determined to find it.

Although I was never religious, I was fascinated by Eastern philosophy and spirituality. After a long journey with many ups and downs and dead-ends, I eventually found Vedanta, and a traditional teacher named James Swartz. I was blown away by the profundity, depth, scope and unassailable logic of this teaching.

Basically the world’s most ancient form of psychology, Vedanta is neither a philosophy as such nor a religion. It is a means of self-knowledge. Exploring the unexamined logic of our own experience, it’s a tool for revealing our identity and digging our way out of the mental prison created by ignorance of who and what we really are. Vedanta has been around for thousands of years because it works.

The day I discovered Vedanta I knew that was it. If this didn’t work, nothing would.

What I learned is this:

Freedom is our essential nature.

We were born free, and it’s up to us to now reclaim that freedom; not by adding anything to ourselves, but by subtracting anything that obscures the radiance of our own Self. When the false is removed, only the true remains.

Unbroken Self is an experiment in consolidating all that I’ve learned and sharing this ancient wisdom in new ways using the medium of the internet.

By learning how the mind works, and how to deal with negative thoughts, emotions, stress, anxiety and depression, we can begin to take back control of our lives.

There are a variety of excellent tools for doing this, including emotional releasing and techniques for dismantling negative thoughts and beliefs via mental inquiry. I also teach meditation as a means of deep relaxation and healing for mind and body.

My aim is only to serve — to share the knowledge and tools that have helped me, knowing they will help others too.

I’m really excited that you’re here for this journey. Be sure to sign up below for updates and exclusive content!

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